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Public Declaration By The Communist Party of Chile

In view of the recent events and violence in Jerusalem and Palestine by the isreali government, the Palestinian Community has come to declare the following:

  1. We formally reject, in resilience, the brutal repression of which the Palestinian population in Jerusalem who suffer constant aggression and brutal segregation, living under an appartheid regime imposed by the israeli authorities. This situation arises from constant persecution against the Palestinians, the prohibition of the freedom of movement, and the repression from police and military forces. Military forces that just this week wounded over 300 Palestinians in the Temple Mount of Jerusalem, and will remove 50 families from the neighborhoods of Silwan and Sheikh Jarrah in view of their homes being stolen, under the hands of israel colonizers.

  2. What we witness in Palestine today is a catastrophe, the same as the one that has been going on for 73 years. 73 years ago, when the ethnic cleansing that israel carries out began. Since then, Palestinians have been victims of: their homes being demolished, mass expulsions, imprisonments, repression, theft of their land, losing control of the land, and destruction of the land's natural resources. Which are nothing more than a consequence of decades of impunity that is made by the occupying power of israel. These violations of International Rights, Human Rights and Palestinian Nationals, were ratified in the recent debrief by Human Right Watch and are backed up by all the resolutions that the United Nations respects.

  3. We manifest our complete solidarity with the families affected by israeli colonialism, which looks to expel the Palestinians from their homes, with injuries and death. Like all those who suffer from the brutal institutional repression, violence, and discrimination.

  4. We make a call to the Minister of Foreign Relations of Chile, Andres Allamad, to clearly condemn, with resilience, the forced evictions occurring in the neighborhoods of Jerusalem and the constant violence executed against the Palestinian people. We also urge that you quicky adopt the recommendations made by the recent debrief by Human Rights Watch, which ask to evaluate the agreements with israel and its commercial relations to detect those who contribute directly to commission the crimes of apartheid and persecution of the Palestinians.

Communist Party of Chile

Santiago, Chile, May 10th, 2021

* The Following was translated by comrade Kahlil I. Sankara

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