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Independence or Imperialism: Why Statehood is not an option for Borikén?

“¡Viva Puerto Rico Libre!” - Lolita Lebron on March 1st, 1954

Recently the question of statehood for Borikén, an occupied territory given the colonial name Puerto Rico, has surfaced on mass media outlets once again. Since 2017, we have had 2 non binding plebiscites and it’s important to observe that participation in the plebiscites has decreased but the push for statehood by the Partido Nuevo Progresista (PNP) has increased. Politicians from the PNP (Pro-statehood) and the Democratic party are pushing H.R. 4901, also known as the Puerto Rico Statehood Admission Act, in an attempt to force Boricuas further into the clutches of capitalism. We can't fall for empty promises or campaigns to bring democracy to Borikén because the u.s. knows nothing about democracy. Boricuas continue to be killed, are being forced to migrate to Turtle Island, and tricked into dependency upon the thing that is destroying nuestra patria; imperialism.

We must be clear, Borikén only has 2 options: Independence or Imperialism. Troika Kollective has and will continue to maintain our position, Borikén needs Independence and is the crux of capitalism.

Beyond our position is the reality that the united states of amerikkka has and continues to exploit us even without our nation being a u.s. state. Our position is rooted in a historical understanding of how the archipelago continues to be exploited as well as recent observations of the political climate.

Most people are only given a limited perspective on Boricua politics because of the lack of Anti-Imperialist media outlets, especially one's discussing Borikén. We need to be principled and dig deeper when poLIEticians and mass media throw out propaganda claiming "Puerto Rico Votes For Statehood". In "Vota No is a win for Boricuas", I briefly break down the particulars of the latest plebiscite. This is important because scientific socialism allows us to properly analyze information to extract truths that can be tested. For example, less than 700,000 people of the almost 3.1 million Boricuas voted in favor of Statehood. Furthermore, parties in favor of Boricua Independence have been gaining more popularity. Though there is still a need for a principled path towards Communism, which is the only sustainable path towards real independence and systemic changes. However, the Socialist parties in Borikén have historically chosen not to participate in the colonial politics controlled by the united states of amerikkka.

Capitalism forces austerity on Boricuas, but we need sovereignty. Boricuas are not going out to the streets demanding Statehood, only the vendepatrias (sellouts) are. We are not asking for tax breaks for corporations and the rich. So, what are some things we are asking for? We are asking for an end to P.R.O.M.E.S.A., an illegitimate u.s. appointed fiscal control board, that is forcing Boricuas to pay its supposed debt back. Stealing money from much needed infrastructure, public education, health and resources. We are asking for the united states of amerikkka to cancel the debt, we have been exploited for far too long. We are protesting against the crypto currency billionaires that are buying up land and claiming to be our saviors. We are marching for fully funded and quality public schools all the way through university that pays educators a living wage with benefits. We are out in the streets to stop more cell phone towers from being built in our cities. Again, we are not asking for statehood or handouts, we are building our own community centers and spaces. What we need is not something we will ask for, freedom is our right and we must fight for it. Statehood is not a solution, but furthers the imperial agenda of domination and pacification of the masses with the guise of democracy.

To be clear, on the question of “Could Puerto Rico become a State?” The answer is NO, we are a country! Boricuas have a right to be free, we choose INDEPENDENCIA!

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