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Granma: "En EE. UU. ganará quien más le convenga al partido del 1%" (Translation)


Author: Raúl Antonio Capote

October 21, 2020 01:10:44

In American political life, which is presented to the world as a melting pot of democratic and fair practices, foul play, cheap shots and scandals are common.

If it is during the election period, everything goes without measure.

Famous are the Watergate affair during the Richard Nixon administration, the Lewinsky-Clinton affair and the shamelessness of the House Bank in 1992.

The House of Representatives banking scandal revealed that it was a widespread practice, not only among Democrats in the North American House of Representatives, but also among their Republican rivals, to sign checks on the personal accounts of the House Bank when there were no funds left in these and account for future wages.

This practice allowed representatives to obtain short-term loans, without paying any interest.

The list is long, acts of corruption and cheap blows in the electoral process to get rid of a rival, even his own party.

The revelations about the private life of the opposing candidate has been a common practice in that country, where the presidential history, from the founding fathers, is plagued with sex scandals.

Thomas Jefferson went down in history for his relationship with Sally Hemings, a black slave who was also his wife's half-sister. Despite having five children with her, Hemings remained a slave until the death of the former President.

In 1987, Gary Hart was the best option in the Democratic Party, after Ronald Reagan's two terms and the possibility that his vice president, George HW Bush, installed himself in the White House.

Several articles on alleged infidelities to his wife, topped with a photo in which a young woman rested on his lap ended his presidential ambitions.

The candidate for the Republican candidacy for the US presidency in 2012, Herman Cain, for example, had to face two accusations of sexual harassment and another of having an extramarital affair for 13 years, made by his party colleague , Rick Perry.

Before starting the first face-to-face debate between the presidential candidates in the November elections, Donald Trump demanded that his political adversary, Joe Biden, undergo an anti-doping test before or after the expected debate.

More than a debate, it seemed like a fight in the mud, where one and the other tried to submerge the heads of the other, no proposals, no political programs.

The electoral dirty war intensifies with sordid stories in which corruption, sex, drugs, and everything goes, with a desperate Donald Trump, capable of resorting to the greatest vileities to remain on the throne of the empire.

Yankee democracy suffers from a great anemia of voters, due to the discredit of the electoral system and the little faith of many in the bipartisanship.

The percentage of the population that goes to the polls is low, in the 2016 elections, considered among the most attended, only 60.1% of those eligible to vote exercised the right to vote.

The elections will be won by the one who best knows how to weather the storm of sordid attacks and, above all, who strikes first, who has the most money and who has the favor of the true power, that of the 1% party, that of the very rich and powerful.

This is a translation made by Troika Kollective for informational purposes, the original article can be found here.

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