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Declaration in Defense of the Revolution by The League of Cuban Historians

Note From the Translator: The League of Cuban Historians (Unión Nacional de Historiadores de Cuba- UNHIC) published a Declaration in Defense of the Revolution. In it, the historians remind us of the commitment of the Cuban people to their revolution while also recognizing that patriotic dissent is respected and needed in the revolution. This is an unofficial English translation by Amauta Koba.

The UNHIC repudiates the disturbances and vandalism that took place this past Sunday, July 11th, in the worst moment during a pandemic that is ravaging the world and under the most unjust, severe, and prolonged system of unilateral sanctions that has been imposed on any country. The economic and financial embargo imposed by the United States against Cuba has been further intensified in a perverse and criminal manner.

The confusion of some came together with the ill intentions of others who want to drag our country back to the conditions it was in before 1959. Those with ill intentions have not vacillated in even asking for a military intervention, under the guise of humanitarian aid, that would, far from resolving the situation that we find ourselves in, bring chaos and the deaths of millions of people.

This isn’t the first time that the government of the United States and their peons have organized plans with propagandistic and subversive aims. The Revolution has been capable of listening and responding to the concerns of the Cuban people regarding their present and future; this has always occurred on the basis of ethical principles and the defense of our sovereignty and never under the tutelage of the historical adversary of the Cuban nation.

The provocations that have taken place, void of any sense of respect for justice and our institutionality, are inspired by the eagerness to paint a fictional, media-driven, scene of internal conflict for those who are observing from the outside; the provocations must be stopped by the revolutionary people. We can dialogue with, attempt to persuade, and even debate with those who are confused and those people of good faith that think differently. This can happen based on the premise that we don’t always have to reach unanimity and that diverse opinions are useful, and lead us to reflection, as long as they are expressed from truly honest positions. Nevertheless, in order to guarantee the sovereignty of the homeland and secure the public’s peace, the full weight of our existing laws must fall on those who, with annexationist aims, attempt to destabilize the country.

We will defend the Revolution with our very lives because the existence of our sovereign and free nation depends on it. It is evident that the imperialists want to take advantage of this moment of crisis in order to overthrow that which the people have defended for more than sixty years with their efforts, blood, and sacrifice. The empire and its lackeys attempt to bar all possibilities of survival and development with the measures of the genocidal embargo; all while, at the same time, blaming our country’s government for the shortages that we face today. Those that do not understand this will fall into a mortal trap.

History teaches us that we must solve our problems with unity, work, discipline, and order. No one can do it from the outside. Let’s not lie to ourselves. This is a moment of demarcations, our slogan, “Homeland or Death!,” expresses our resolve to fight, with weapons on hand if need be, in defense of the threatened nation. We cannot compromise with those that uphold hatred and treason.

Havana, 12th of July, 2021. Year 63 of the Revolution.

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