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Troika Kollective is led by Latin American and Caribbean people combating imperialist propaganda in the metropole

  • Based out of Miami, FL, U.S.A. we understand that we are positioned at the intersection of two confronting imperialist forces; the exile anti-revolutionary national bourgeoisie of Latin America and the Caribbean, and the southern reserve of Jim Crow settler logic. We view our struggle as one to be contested against hollywood imperialism and imperialist propaganda, and to the many diaspora here in Florida we agitate through mobilization and teach-ins in our localities.

  • We serve to provide a Marxist-Leninist analysis of the Global South; Asia, Africa, Latin America and The Caribbean. Troika Kollective provides a political position less common in the Anglo-Phone world. With decades of Neo-liberal policies and Neo-Colonial domination, not to mention centuries of Colonialism The lack of Anti-Imperialist organizing in regards to the recent attacks on Latin America and the Caribbean reveal a failure in internationalism. Where the American left fails to have a principled alliance with the peoples of sovereign republics of the world, We labor to combat opportunism, utopianism, and social chauvinism in the West.

  • Alongside our struggle to combat misinformation we will be producing our analysis of our on the ground organizing and mobilizing, Contributing to the vast field of strategy and tactics being developed across the working-class movement in the 21st-Centuary here on the Western Hemisphere, and the world.


  • Troika Kollective was formed in Miami by community organizers in the Hot Summer of 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic. The name comes from United States National Security Advisor, John Bolton, calling the countries of Nicaragua, Cuba and Venezuela the "Troika of Evil". We realize, as the children of these revolutions and other yet to come, that these three nations represent the pinnical of Soverignty, Self-Determination, and Socialism. That our struggle must be to combat empire alongside them, not only them but any where and everywhere people are colonized and the working-class does not lead the nation. The "K" is derived from the Kreyol language of Haiti the only slave rebellion to lead to the formation of a nation state. Our name attempts to embody the long traditions of rebelion and the spirit of revolution in Latin America.

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